Family Ministries Pastor Application 

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Family Ministries Pastor Job Description

  • -Testimony of saving faith in Jesus Christ and a life consistent with that testimony
  • -Has qualifications of an elder, according to I Timothy 3:1-7
  • -A calling to serve the Lord in the area of pastoral ministry
  • -Agreement with and supportive of the doctrinal statement of HEFC 
  • -Compatibility with philosophy of ministry of the Senior Pastor; loyalty to the staff and leadership of the church.

  • -Ability to work well in a team context.
  • -Proficiency in the process of developing fully devoted followers of Christ who are committed to the Word of God, prayer, worship, fellowship, and witnessing.
  • -Leadership gifts necessary to recruit, train, and build teamwork among small group leaders, young adult leaders, and mentorship ministries as needed.
  • -Able to cast vision for family ministries, young adult ministries, and other ministries as needed.  Facilitate the growth that God brings.
  • -Must be self-motivated, organized, motivational, and able to teach in a relevant way.
  • -Ability to create a positive and respectful atmosphere.
  • -Ability to supervise volunteer and paid staff, seeking to bring out the best in them, and compensate for their weak areas.

  • -Experience in pastoral ministry is preferable
  • -Bible college, college, or seminary education is preferable
  • -Proven track record of teaching the Scriptures and small group ministry
  • -Licensed in the EFCA, or a willingness to do so

  • -Oversee small group & discipleship ministries in the church
  • -Create & oversee young adult ministries (singles and married w/o children)
  • -Create & oversee young family ministries (married w/children)
  • -Visitation, counseling, and other pastoral duties as needed 
  • -Lead worship…or oversee Worship Director and other administrative staff  

Time Commitment:
  • -50 hours per week
  • -Comp time can be built up during times of intense ministry and used later
  • -Set parameters to ensure adequate time with family; max. of four eve./week doing ministry

  • -Directly accountable to Senior Pastor; meet on weekly basis
  • -Participate in Staff meetings
  • -Under overall supervision of the Elder Board

Desired Qualities in Family Ministries Pastor:

    • Sincere, prayerful and deep walk with Jesus
    • Christ-honoring marriage and commitment to family
    • Walking in moral/sexual purity
    • Will be a healthy, affirming team-mate to his co-workers
    • Respects authority of senior staff & Elders
    • Models the Christian life in all dimensions

    •  Communicates well verbally and in writing
    •  Experience in successfully making disciples of Jesus
    •  Understands Christian and secular worldviews and the reality of spiritual warfare
    •  Is a student of God’s Word, and desires to deepen his walk 
    •  Is respected by his peers & has proven track record of competence
    •  Has a good work ethic – uses time and energy wisely

    •  Open to working in outstate Minnesota
    •  Open to working in a church of 300-500 attendance

    •  Must see the truth of God’s Word as vitally important to a believer’s walk
    •  Must be 100% committed to the inerrancy of Scripture
    •  Must derive theology from Scripture (priority of Scripture over theology)
    •  Must be humble and teachable – the spirit of a life-long learner

Family Ministries Pastor Priorities

Purpose:   To provide pastoral leadership for families and singles at Heartland Free Church by inviting them to come to Jesus, follow him with joy, and serve him with passion.


  1. Create & Oversee Family Ministries – 20-25 hours
    • -Launch ministries targeted at reaching two young adult groups:
      1. Singles and Marrieds without Children
      2. Marrieds with Children
    • -Oversee small groups & discipleship ministries
    • -Employ various strategies to develop devoted followers of Christ (mentorship; hospitality ministry; coffee shop ministry; small groups; other).
    • -Develop, train, and oversee leaders and leadership teams that are growing people in their walk with Christ.
    • -Model what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus.

  1. Worship/Administrative Ministry - 15 hours
    • -Lead worship or oversee Worship Director
    • -Oversee effective communication by church staff
    • -Ensure Heartland Free is employing all technological resources effectively to further our ministry.
    • -Other administrative or oversight duties as needed.

  1. Pastoral Ministry – 10-15 hours
    • -Visitation ministry, crisis counseling, teaching classes, preaching, study of God’s Word, prayer, etc.
    • -Hospitality ministry – invite people to your home, inviting people to follow you as you follow Christ.
    • -Perform some weddings/funerals as assigned by Senior Pastor
    • -Weekly staff meetings, pastoral support groups, team building activities, frequent email updates to Elders/Pastors/Staff

Supervision: Directly accountable to the Senior Pastor; overall accountability to the Elder Board.

Download the Job Description and Priorities Below 

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