Heartland Worship Ministries 

It is the distinct honor and joy of Heartland Worship Ministries to serve the church of God here in Annandale by calling them to make their joy complete by offering praise and adoration to the only One worthy. The worship team is not merely a band of musicians; rather, it is a tool in the hands of a Savior who delights in his own glory and calls his people to partake of his joy (John 15:11).

Music Team 

All music members are to be current members of and in good standing with Heartland Evangelical Free Church (Hebrews 13:17). Members are expected to “work out their salvation” (Philippians 2:12) both on and off stage. Leading the body of Christ in corporate worship is a very visible role of leadership and thus demands that watchfulness and prudence be exercised by all team members so that the name and honor of Christ be maintained.

Tech Team 

For each Heartland Sunday, an event requires a dedicated team of individuals technically trained to meet the needs of our sound board, computers, screens, and video. This team is essential to engage and connect the Heartland family to a heart of worship each week. We strive for excellence so our gatherings are free from technical distractions.

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