AWANA is an exciting, Bible-centered club program for boys and girls, aged preschool through grade 5.
The club is divided into three groups, according to age/grade in school: Cubbies, Sparks and T&T.
Awana takes place from 6:15pm to 8:00pm. 
Cubbies intentionally has game time at the end, so parents can pick up their child early if desired. 

AWANA includes three segments:
1. Game Time – Every AWANA meeting kicks off in high gear with lots of team competition. Organized games get all of the children to participate, unleashing natural energy & enthusiasm.
2. Handbook Time – Using achievement-oriented learning, AWANA training emphasizes the importance of God & His Word for sound living. Clubbers progress through handbooks at their own pace & leaders meet with them individually to go over what they have learned.
3. Large-Group Time – Large Group time includes a Bible Story, music, announcements, awards & recognition for individual handbook progress & points scored in team play.

AWANA Handbook Tracks 

Use the links below to download your child's Sparks Handbook Tracks! 

Awana Video Songs