"led by the Spirit" by Inge Ibs

Written by our very own Inge Ibs, you can read the story of a German girl who grew up under Nazi rule, then escaped the Russian occupation to find freedom both in this life...and the next.

Developing your Core convictions by
Pastor Denny Johnson 

The very foundations of society - the preciousness of sexuality, the permanence of marriage, the definition of family, and the value of children are crumbling. We’re not even sure if we are male or female anymore, or what that means. And, of course, to make any definitive statement about Jesus Christ and his unique historical role is the ultimate in being politically incorrect.

This Booklet is all about helping serious Christians put down roots that will enable them to withstand the storms of our post-Christian era.

Published in 2011 

How to RECEIVE a Rich Welcome in Heaven by Pastor Denny Johnson 

In preaching through the book of II Peter, God led me to do a “mini-series” on these eight outstanding qualities that we are to add to our lives. I have illustrated these eight qualities with the lives of eight of our finest presidents, each of whom revered and honored God as they faithfully served their term as chief executive of our nation.

Published 2010

WHy Not Believe it all
 by Pastor Denny Johnson 

In no area has the credibility of our faith been challenged more than with respect to the origin of the universe and the origin of man. For the last two hundred years, skeptics have relentlessly ridiculed the Genesis accounts which point to a massive, global flood around 2350 BC and a literal six-day creation around 4000 BC. Many Christian scholars have retreated before this withering onslaught, content to reinterpret the biblical texts to accommodate current evolutionary models which require millions and billions of years to occur.

I couldn’t disagree more. Who are we to alter the word of our infinite, eternal Creator to appease the philosophies of finite, mortal men? I thank God for the many fine scholars at Answers in Genesis and The Institute of Creation Research for their thorough, reasonable, and credible defense of the biblical record.

Published 2011

100 Fulfilled Prophecies in 100 Years
By Pastor Denny Johnson 

For nearly 2000 years, Christians have waited in anticipation for the return of our Lord Jesus in the clouds. Every generation has hoped and prayed that they may be the ones to witness this special event. Yet no generation has ever had more reason to believe that Christ’s return is drawing near than our own. Why is that? Because of a multitude of concrete, specific prophecies that have been fulfilled over the last century.

Based on my own personal study of the prophetic Scriptures, together with the writings of Dr. David Reagan, Dr. Tim LaHaye, Dr. Ed Hindson, Dr. David Larsen, Dave Hunt, Joel Rosenberg, Dr. David Jeremiah, John P. McTiernan, Dr. Adrian Rogers, Dr. Warren Wiersbe, and many others, I present to you One Hundred Prophecies in One Hundred Years, a compilation of 100 prophetic signs that point to the soon return of Christ.

Published 2009 

Ten Prophetic Signs that have intensified since 2009 

This booklet is intended to be a sequel to my 2009 booklet 100 Fulfilled Prophecies in 100 Years: A Convergence of Signs Pointing to the Soon Return of Jesus Christ.
Published 2014